Isn’t the new Instagram Stories feature just like Snapchat?  If so, why am I admittedly suggesting you make Instagram Stories an important piece of your brand’s social media marketing strategy?  It is due to one small difference in the landing page of the apps.  When you open Snapchat, you are greeted with your camera.  This incites all users to “create content.”  Alternatively, when you open Instagram, it immediately takes you to a homepage where the Stories are listed prominently at the top.  This incites all users to “consume content.”  As a brand, this gives you a massive physiological edge if you are creating content on Instagram.

Outside of the landing page, a brand also has additional advantages by focusing on Instagram Stories.  These include:

  1. Having an established following already built on the platform
  2. Having a much cleaner design that will translate easier to a variety of different demographics
  3. Having a familiarity with Facebook’s advertising tools
  4. Having a platform that boasts a monthly active user base that is 2x Snapchat
  5. Having an easier “click route” from brand influencer’s page
  6. Having the feature appear at the top of your main feed in order of which friends are closest to you, as determined by an algorithm instead of being buried by chronological order like SnapChat

**I still suggest brand’s use both platforms but I believe until Snapchat makes a few updates and adjustments to better serve its business customers, you would be wise to invest slightly more time on Instagram Stories because of the list noted above.**

This is all great information, in theory, but why should you being using Instagram Stories to grow your brand’s awareness?

Simply put…Transparency!

Instagram was honestly becoming less used by brands because it lacked the authenticity that Snapchat gave brands and customers demanded today.  I wrote a great article on transparency being the new competitive advantage for brands that my readers should check out.

Finally, if you have an active audience base on Instagram, you should jump on Stories quickly. You have the opportunity to create Snapchat-like content without the challenge of building up a Snapchat audience or launching a new channel.  In addition to the built-in audience, you also have the opportunity for increased ability to be discovered (which Snapchat doesn’t possess yet).  On Instagram, there are hashtags, geotags, and the Discover section to increase your chances of being found by similar potential customers.  Time will tell if non-business users will start to migrate all their content to Instagram Stories, but from a business perspective, the time is now to adopt this new feature.

If you need inspiration, check out this great Simply Measured article on “10 Creative Brands Making Instagram Stories Now”