For years, Amazon was pushing hard for you to pay a few hundred dollars per Amazon listing for A+ Content (EMC/EBC). For those unaware, A+ Content is the graphically enhanced “below the fold” imagery on your listing (see below from Old School Labs). A+ Content essentially gives you the ability to keep your brand imagery consistently across your Amazon listing and website and/or social media. Amazon also claims it helps drive an additional monthly sales of up to 10% on these listings compared to ones that don’t utilize this marketing option. To me, the sales lift makes logical sense, as the listings just look more professional. If I activated with the brand on social media, it would add validity to the brand if all brand elements aligned consistently.

So, why is it that Amazon is now giving the “above the fold” more importance in the algorithm?

As Amazon shoppers become busier and busier, they are bypassing the “middle A+ section” and either going straight to the reviews or making a decision solely on the “above the fold.” Amazon’s algorithm is there to make sure it serves you the best listing for conversion. It also wants to ensure it has the least chance of additional costs from returns if its an item that doesn’t match its claims. So, what do I mean by “above the fold”? Let’s go back to that same listing from Old School Labs…

“Above the Fold” Areas:

Listing Title

  • Before – Amazon wanted you to keep this clean (especially in the grocery category). They did not want super long listing titles with every buzzword for SEO/SEM
  • After – Amazon will now allow a larger marketing listing title for SEO/SEM. Old School Labs is actually not utilizing this to its best capacity (which is odd since they are a KILLER Amazon-only brand).

Top Left Images

  • Not much has changed here in terms of importance. I think there is a huge area of opportunity for brands to utilize these images to enhance your brand’s lifestyle usage marketing and also product education. For some Vendor listings, you also have access to usage of videos which could help your brand if done right. I think anything over 7 images is not needed unless you have a more thorough brand development story that needs assets.

About the Product

  • Before – Amazon wanted you to keep this short and sweet (especially in the grocery category). They did not want you to clutter this section with every buzzword for SEO/SEM.
  • After – Amazon now allows you to utilize this space with extra product copy that reads like storied bullet points. This is a way to jam in extra SEO/SEM keywords. Remember, Amazon is a search engine that happens to give you the ability to purchase in-platform so the more you can be found, the better chance at conversion.

NEW SECTION (Actually not anything you control directly)

Have you guys noticed those Amazon’s Choice rating explanations popping up on some listings this past week? Though many practitioners like myself knew what Amazon’s Choice badges meant, it now is helping add value to customers and creating even more “above the fold” power. This should lead to major increased conversions so pay attention to them and make sure you are managing your listings review feedback loops, FBA stock, and SEO.