Drive impact by bridging the gap between strategy and execution.

Hiring a consultancy agency can be intimidating, here is how we are different:

Emails & Phone Calls

Our response times rival Speedy Gonzalez.  We believe effective and timely communication is paramount.

Field Work

Sitting behind a computer all day is not our style.  We love to spend face to face time meeting and learning from all your stakeholders.

No Intimidation

Our meetings are likely to include activities so don’t expect a boardroom of suits.


We believe in providing executive-level expertise in all business functions for a fraction of the cost.

Mission Statement

to continuously and successfully help our clients increase their competitive advantage by delivering superior and unique business solutions.

We’re partners in this.

We carefully choose our clients to make sure both sides feel that our partnership is a great fit. We take your business just as seriously as you do.

Hiring J. Schall Consulting means hiring a team of passionate people that will make sure large impacts are felt from the first day of our working relationship.  We take extreme pride in helping your company reach its biggest audacious goals.

So, who have we worked with?

Experience is paramount to provide insightful solutions.

It’s not about ideas. It’s about making ideas happen.

Joshua Schall


Joshua Schall is an executive-level fitness brand strategist.  He holds an MBA and BBA in Accounting from Kent State University.  Since graduation he has had years of marketing, brand development, and operational efficiency experience at world-leading organizations. He has successfully lead major consumer packaged goods companies in developing strategic brand plans, new product launches, multi-channel promotions, and dynamic retail initiatives that enhanced market share. He is an inspiring manager and strong cross-functional team leader with ultimate goal of creating powerfully disruptive, billion-dollar lifestyle brands.